Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ballerina Party

Since i absolutely love decorating for parties i can hardly wait for my children's birthday's to come along each year.  For my daughters birthday she wanted a ballerina party so i thought, wonderful.  I wanted everything to be pink which is her favorite color.  I usually hold the eating and food gatherings in the dinning room so that was the area to have the most decorating.  If she had it her way she would have every room in the house decorated!
I started about a week ahead and did the high up stuff first.  For the streamers on the ceiling, i cut pink table cloths into threes and then hung them diagonally from the light.  Around the light i used lanterns and tulle to make it look like a skirt, with hanging ballerinas.  The table was decorated with a pink table cloth.  Each sitting area had a flowered napkin unfolded and then placed a pink square paper plate on it, matching utensils and a cute cup with pink stripped straws.  I cut plastic table cloths into fours, folded them in half and stitched them up to make chair covers.  I attached a flower and tulle to each.
 Along the back wall i made the banner with doilies and letters and strung it on a pink garland.  I made each girl their own tutu and a feather boa along with a wand.  Each was hung using decorative clothes pins from Micheal's.  Along the window i used plastic table cloths to make pink curtains and in the corner i placed a doll in a tutu.
Finally i decorated the family room as she wanted all the girls to put on a ballet performance to black swan.
I wrapped the candles in paper streamers and placed some tulle under the candles on top of the candle stick. The paper with the ballerinas spelled out Sophia and i made them from tissue paper folded into an accordian and then wrapped into a circle.  I cut out ballerinas on my wishblade and put rhinestone letters in the middle of each one.  I hung streamer along the ceiling and then made circle banners i hung downward from the lights.
The ballerina figurine was made out of fondant and placed on her cake and she had ballerina cupcakes for her party.

She had the most AMAZING birthday party ever! And next year she want a flower butterfly party in aqua and purple! If you have any great ideas i would love to hear them. I'm now starting to get things together for my sons fourth birthday.  He wants a dinosaur party.


  1. Looks perfect!!! Great job! :)

  2. Wow, you throw an amazing party! It looks beautiful! Love the candles, and the ballerinas that spell Sophia. No wonder she had a great party! x

  3. oh what a fun party! everything is so pretty and pink!

  4. Soooo pretty in pink! You did a great job! No wonder the kids had fun. :)

  5. Gorgeous. Little Miss C though she was in heaven at that party!


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