Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cards, cards and more cards!

Last night i hosted my card class and i ended up with three people out of the eight that RSVP yes:(
Oh well i still had fun end even got all the cards made!   Yeah for me!!  Surprising for me because with daddy away the kids have  just been time bombs!  Hopefully today will be a better day.
Off to the doctors to have a painful lump looked at on my knuckle. Glad it is not my right hand or i would be out of crafting.
With hubby away i have had a bit of time to do some crafting and trying to get the disney album done.  I was able to get 18 layouts done at the all day crop so i was happy.  On Sunday evening i spent four hours working on my wish blade to cut out titles for some of the pages which hopefully i can share with you tomorrow.
So her is a look at a birthday invite i made.

And here is a picture of my little dancer!


  1. Awwww, what a drag. I know it is so much work to prepare...hopefully they honour their card package orders.

    The little dancer card is lovely but the little dancer even more so....LOL

  2. Birthday invite and dancer are both gorgeous! Shame about people not turning up, it is their loss! I'm sure the ones that did had a brilliant time xx

  3. love the cards and lovethe blue.. she is so adorable...

  4. Very cute card and very cute dancer! :-)

  5. Cute cards! Your little dancer is adorable!


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