Tuesday, April 26, 2011


What a beautiful long weekend.  The kids had a great time doing Easter activities and getting ready for the big bunny's arrival.  So lets just say Sunday morning, the expressions were "priceless."  Watching them run around the backyard hunting for eggs was the most enjoyable event all day.  I think i was more tired than the kids were at the end of the day.
Well finally yesterday, i found enough time to clean up my scraproom counter so i could maybe find time to work on something.  My Husband said he would repaint my room and put in a new counter top.  That was two month
ago and of course i'm still waiting.  So that being said the one positive to it not being done is that i still can come up with organizing ideas.  So i am asking for help trying to find websites with decorating and organizing ideas.  So PLEASE send me ideas, anything will help.


  1. Well, you can check out my blog to see mine: http://erinbassett.com

    I also have a bunch of SB storage ideas on my Pintrest: http://pinterest.com/erinbassett

  2. You can check out any of the past 2 peas links for the organize your stuff challenge, or I love to look at craftystorage.blogspot.com They have loads of fabulous and sometimes unique real scrap rooms and solutions

  3. If this is your crafting closet, you don't have anything to worry about, wow.


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