Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Wow can't believe it is already the last day of January, where did the month go!
It sure was a fun filled weekend around our house.  Although, is fun not suppose to be about sitting scrapbooking or card making all weekend?!  Anyone that has two toddlers, tell me how you do it?!!!!
Saturday morning i took my daughter and son to watch my daughters friend compete in her first highland dance competition.  My daughter is also a highland dancer but just not doing as good:( Hoping this would help my daughter realize she could be better if she actually listened and paid attention in class.  I think she enjoyed watching it but who knows.   Not too sure if highland dancing is for her.
In the afternoon we had to take the kids to a CARS birthday party.  So like usual i didn't think to make a card till last minute so it certainly was quick and simple.  But knowing that they have another birthday party this coming weekend,  that is a pirate theme, i also made a quick, simple card.
Sunday was a day of leisure and i didn't do too much other than made some Carmelita bars and that was it.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Hot Stuff

While i was leaving some praise on some blogs yesterday, i can across a card for the hubby that i just loved.  So instantly i needed to make a card with the same image on it.  Didn't know if it was a stamp or not but treated myself to an afternoon out at the scrapbook stores.  The first store didn't have the paper but had some cheap clearance paper and containers i needed to get for my daughters valentine treats.  Then headed over to the second store that i was positive would have the paper and they did YIPEEEEEE!
So after picking my daughter up from preschool i headed home and started playing.  Only had enough time to get two cards done but love them.  Of course i had to add glitter!  Tell me if you love them as well.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


So i have been in such a creative mood lately but just can't get off the couch till mid afternoon.
Wanted to do something today but couldn't think of something quick as i had no time.
So i came up with another valentine card this time for my hubby.
I used red card stock and embossed the black with an embossing folder.  The glitter ribbon banner i made from a piece of scrapbook paper and added it to the card.under the stamped couch image is an old gift card from starbucks. And finally i added the enjoy chipboard.
Not one of my favorites but think it will do.  Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Embellished TAGS

Recently on a trip to Michael's i discovered a cute collection in the $1.50 bin.
My Neighbor scrappymo! showed me the new books she was going to use to create organization in her life.  I instantly fell in loves, so i had to go have a look.
Teapots, peacocks, butterflies oh my!  I was so excited.  And they had glitter too!
Cards with envelopes

Seeing all these wonderful cards i figures why not try making some of my own tags for scrapbooking.  I'm sure i will be able to create more things just with some time and peace and quiet.
I didn't do too much to them and i though later i may add ribbon but right now i like them the way they are.

I punched the tags out making sure to get the peacock and tea pot.  The others are embellished using a couch stamp and a candelabra  stamp.  I added swirls & edging stamps and glitter and bling to make them pretty.  (Too bad the pictures are awful)

That's it.  I'm going to do a little more creating and come up with more.  They may look nice on the front of cards.
Thanks for having a look and to make me happy leave me a few little words of joy letting me know what you think.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Flower Tutorial

So here is how i have been making the flowers i have featured on my blog.
Here is what you will need to make flowers.
Your choice of fabric (sheers, tulle and sateen work best)
Tea light candle
Thread and needle
Your choice of smbellishment for the middle
Safety pins

Cut circles of various size ( i do a minimum of 5)

Hold one circle with tweezers and singe edges using tea lite

Arrange the circles largest to smallest on top of each other.  Sew centers to each other and add embellishment to center.
Optional:  When i cut my circles i layer them together and put a safety pin trhough them and do it up to keep each flower together.
That is all there is to it.
Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Valentine Cards

I have been kind of sluggish lately.  Not having much motivation to get anything done.  I'm just hoping it is the crumby weather we have been having.
For the past two afternoons i have been busy making some valentine's day cards.  Nothing to fancy or mushy.
My son and daughter love Cailou the tv show so they wanted valentine cards with that on it so i bought those and now i don't need to make any for school.  I am however addicted to PINTEREST.  I have found some great ideas for goodies for the kids to give to their friends.  I think i am going to stick with the pencil made from Rolo's and Hershey kisses.  Should be fun!
Anyways, as for the cards i made most were made using an old Bo Bunny paper.  I just loved the forest animals on it. And the other cards were made using a clearance paper i bought several years ago.  I used red and white bakers twine and some decorative flowers.  Also hard to tell but the brads are glittered.  That's it
I love getting comments so hoping you like what you see and send me some joy!  Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

CKC Challenge

Wow can't believe that i have been able to find a little bit of time to get the challenge finished.
I had decided about a month ago to do the one little word.  I also decided to make a change for 2012.
I want to work on friendship's.  
Strengthen my inner and outer self and well being.  
Finding everyday joy in my life.
Health, I'm trying to set a goal of losing 30 pounds.
Scrapping a whole lot more!
Taking more time to relax and enjoy life..
I would love to be a lot more adventurous.
Spending more time as a family.
Spending quality time together.
So using my January thaw kit i put together a layout depicting what my goals are for 2012.
Lately my life has been full of too much and too many negatives so i decided i needed to find HARMONY in my everyday life and so far it is working.
Wish me luck and hope i can achieve all of this.
I used a vintage paper from Cosmo Cricket togetherness.  I wanted my layout to look bright like the shinning sun.  So each ray of sun was cut into flags with a pinwheel to mark them and my word to portray each goal in 2012.  I then made my title and used paper ribbon and pulled a string through to ruffle it.  Have a look and leave me a comment.

Monday, January 16, 2012

No post yesterday.  Just got too busy and was away from home all day.

We took the kids tobogganing for the first time and i think they enjoyed it............well at least our daughter did.  My son just cried a lot maybe too young and too cold.  Maybe better luck next time.
Anyways, my darling children wanted to play dress up and this is what they came up with.
Sophie wanted to be a princess getting married and Ethan wanted to be Andy from Toy Story.  They sure were cute and dreamy!
Have a great Monday!
Hope to have a scrappy post for tomorrow.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Who ordered this!

Ok really this is what I woke up to:(
I am not a big fan of snow but at least it keeps the kids happy. They have already been out playing for an hour.
I moved to British Columbia eight years ago from Ontario to get away from snow!
Oh well one day of it should be ok.

Enjoy your Saturday!

Friday, January 13, 2012


I made an album for my sisters second baby.
Wish i lived close so i could see him.  He was born Monday January 9th by c-section.  He is just beautiful.
I live here in British Columbia and they live in Ontario:(
Someday soon i hope to get back and visit.
Anyways, i went to an all day crop and decided that i should make the album so i had it ready.
I loved the end result so much i wanted to keep it!
So have a look and tell me what you think.

 Sorry for the bad pics but took them last minute before wrapping it up and shipping it.

cover of album