Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Wow can't believe it is already the last day of January, where did the month go!
It sure was a fun filled weekend around our house.  Although, is fun not suppose to be about sitting scrapbooking or card making all weekend?!  Anyone that has two toddlers, tell me how you do it?!!!!
Saturday morning i took my daughter and son to watch my daughters friend compete in her first highland dance competition.  My daughter is also a highland dancer but just not doing as good:( Hoping this would help my daughter realize she could be better if she actually listened and paid attention in class.  I think she enjoyed watching it but who knows.   Not too sure if highland dancing is for her.
In the afternoon we had to take the kids to a CARS birthday party.  So like usual i didn't think to make a card till last minute so it certainly was quick and simple.  But knowing that they have another birthday party this coming weekend,  that is a pirate theme, i also made a quick, simple card.
Sunday was a day of leisure and i didn't do too much other than made some Carmelita bars and that was it.


  1. Cute cards! What are Carmelita bars...they sound yummy!

  2. Oh I think the cards came out great! Love Penny Scrap-aholic@blogspot.com

  3. Cute cards! What is Carmelita bars?

  4. Cute cards! I dont have children and have a hard time squeezing crafting in so not much help here.

  5. Very cute cards! I love the Cars one!! I'm gonna have to find out more about those Carmelita bars--sounds yummy!


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