Friday, February 3, 2012

Put it together and what to you have....

Went out shopping and found a lot of great buys.  But best of all i got this little purse.  I was so excited because i wanted something small.  Actually something that only holds my wallet and i phone.  So it was perfect.  One thing, it needed a little decorating! 

Last night i spent most of my evening doing flowers with my neighbour.  When i say flowers.... well three hours of flowers.  It is a good thing i love the end product because the pain in my neck and back hurendous when i finish.

I decided because the purse was brown and black that i would stay with the brown flowers and add a small amount of color to it.  So i make one pink and brown flower and one blue and brown flower.  So when i put it together, this is what I got.

Hope you enjoy, let me know what you think.
And just a little FYI, here is a sneak peak at something i will be giving away next week


  1. I was sore today too! Sure had fun making the flowers at your house. Just have to get them sewn onto the hairbands and pony tail bands now!

  2. Great job! Love how you personalized this and made it so cute! :)

  3. Love how your made your purse so personal to your style.
    Your flowers are so pretty :)


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