Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tutu fun

I have been in the process of trying to make eight tutus for my daughters 5th birthday.
My daughter wanted to have a ballerina party for her birthday so i figured i would make tutus for each of the girls.  I also am going to make large pink flowers for each tutu.  I only have enough material to make 7 and including my daughter there were eight girls so i am just making her a different one.
I still have some decorations  and banner to make.  The invites i hope to have finished by the end of next week so she can give them to her friends.
I am hoping to make cupcakes and just some snacking food and the hard part is coming up with things for the girls to do.  So if you can think or suggest anything fun let me know.
Thanks for stopping by and have a great Thursday.


  1. thanks for stopping by on woyww. Your pink tutu's are beautiful those little girls will be so happy. As for games .... lots of music is probably what you need so they can dance their little feet off. To make hammered chipboard: press versamark or perfect medium all over your chipboard. Brush on perfect pearls spray with water and then hit with a distress hammer. If you don't have a hammer with bumps a meat tenderiser or pointy object pressed into the damp chipboard should do the trick. Let dry and you have hammered chipboard.

  2. oh how cute and what a fun birthday party

  3. Gorgeous! Your daughter and her friends are very lucky and will have a fab time whatever they do. I agree with Sandra - lots of music and dancing, it always went down well with my daughter. Lots of nibbly food too! xx

  4. These tutu's are so cute...I love the flower headbands with them. These little birthday girls are very lucky!


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