Thursday, February 23, 2012

Flower Power

This will be short and sweet.  Has a long day yesterday and just totally exhausted myself but the good news is i am finally starting to feel better.  Hopefully that means on Monday i can finally start working out at the gym.  I have really wanted to get myself back in shape and feeling better about myself.  Not too sure if i have the motivation to do it but i will have to find it somewhere.
So for now i can look at these pretty flowers i made in which i am going to attach to the tutus for my daughters birthday favors.  So here is how i made them,  ENJOY!
 1. Cut four circle smaller than each other out of fabric

 2. Cut lines around the circle in a pie shape.

 3. Carefully hold out one petal at a time and burn the edges using a tea light candle.  Take care not to catch the fabric on fire or burn yourself.

4. Arrange the flowers largest to smallest being on top.

 5. Sew together and add whatever embellishment to the center and attach to what you want.

And when your finished this is what you get!


  1. Hey that's really cool! I had no idea that was a way to curl fabric petals! I love the soft fluttery feel of the final flowers- perfect for headbands! I might have to give it a try. Thanks for sharing- I found you through the Two Peas bloggers thread. :)

  2. That is really neat!!!

  3. I love this tutorial. Beautiful idea and flowers!

  4. Those are really cute! I cant wait to see the finished tutu's.

  5. Very pretty flowers! I'm not brave enough to try the candle part, but maybe someday.

  6. So pretty! I think I would need a fire extinguisher nearby. lol! Great job!:-)

  7. Lisa, these are BEAUTIFUL! I will have to make some for my granddaughter, she is a tutu freak! I buy them at every yard sale, flea market, etc.. that I can find for her and her friends to play with. Just last Friday she came in and raided my stash of tutu's because she was having a friend over for the weekend.
    I also wanted to "Thank you" again for the flowers I won on your blog! They arrived here today (yeah I know I have REALLY slow mail)and they are even more beautiful in person! I will be sure and let you know as soon as I have the layout posted! I have a ton of photo's of her in the pool, that I haven't done yet, and a few in the tub, so I'll have to see which one they match the best. Love Penny

  8. Gorgeous flowers and I hope you are feeling a bit brighter now xx


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