Wednesday, October 10, 2012


You might not believe this but the room is spotless!

I spent yesterday cleaning and reorganizing most things.  I can't say i did organize everything because i don't think i will ever be completely organised.
Last week while surfing the web i came across some very organized, beautiful rooms and was so inspired to get mine done.  It has only been over a year since it was repainted and redone, and i never finished it all then.
I'm quite happy with how it is looking right not, and with a few minor things to go i will be done for a while.

Here is my desk and notice how clean!  Wonder how long it will last!

I cut the wall words out myself with my xyron wishblade and put the rod up to hold up all the ribbon.  Finally took all my stamps in the brown bins and put them onto my paper stand for easier access.  I moved all my baskets to my desk as they are the most common things i use all the time.  Enjoy your look ground and if you like what you see follow along with the fabulous Julia.


  1. I love your workplace and how you have it all organzied it's just gorgeous...
    Have a great WOYWW....


  2. Love the clean organized space. Very inspiring. I hope you are enjoying your space.

    Belinda (7)

  3. Love how neat and organized everything is! But it is just as fun to mess it up again! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh at no. 25

  4. Your room is so clean and uncluttered.
    Gorgeous. I love how you organized everything.
    Question...Your wall colour looks like a soft grey. Is it and what colour is the name of it?

  5. Your space is so beautiful and relaxing looking! I would love to craft in there too!

  6. Great job, Lisa! Now you are the one who will be inspiring others!! Have a wonderful week! Darnell #28

  7. Your room looks gorgeous! I love the words and the bird cages!!! Wish I could walk that far to see it...Soon I will!

    I think the pink basket idea is a fabulous decision. The ribbon looks great in those hanging bins.

  8. WOW great looking room and so neat and tidy too! Have a great time playing in there! Vickie #41

  9. I gasped as I saw how neat and stylish your desk looks! Haven't spotted one sooooo tidy in ages... Woo hoo! Thanks for visiting my mess!
    Jo x

  10. Wow - what an amazing tidy and sort you've done... all looks ready for action now! Have lots of fun in your spotless workspace, and happy WOYWW!
    Alison x

  11. Cor Blimey - that is a transformation - and I love the colour scheme. Cannot stop looking at your beautiful room. How on earth do you have the time and/or energy to do this with two small ones. Wonderful. Off for another look - love it!
    Hugs from your latest follower
    Neet 29 xx

  12. What a great space! I would love to have a dedicated craft room - not just my living room - that I could organise... ah, well a girl can dream! Helen, 6

  13. Oh wow - how organised is this - just the opposite to my craft room I'm sorry to say!
    Bernice #5

  14. Loving your workspace!! :) Gorgeous!

  15. Now that is a very, very clean space! I love the organization you have going on, very nice. Now go make a creative mess lol!
    Angie #18

  16. I love it!! And I love the ingenues ways you organized!!

  17. EEK! I forgot to thank you for your super sweet comment on my blog!!l You are awesome!!

  18. O M G! It looks like a craft room in a show home! :) Well done you. And love the kids perched on pumpkins in the post below. Sooooooo sweet!

    Mary Anne (3)

  19. Nice space ,I think reorganizing just brings out new creativity in us and the drawers we put them in!! Tamika #14

  20. That's such a seriously organised and clean space, love how everything is laid out or hung up, leaves lots of desk space. What I like about the knitting is that I can do it practically anywhere, it hardly takes up any space... well, if I stopped buying yarn it wouldn't!!

    Brenda 1

  21. wow the wait must have been worthwhile as it looks gorgeous and nice and clean for now tee hee
    Bridget #4

  22. Wow, look at that nice organized clean desk. Now it's time to get to some crafting!! Brigita #115

  23. I want your baskets with the pink and brown spotty know, when you're bored with them, you know who to pass them on to!!!
    Gorgeous crafting space you have there :D
    Hugs, LLJ #50 xx


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