Sunday, March 6, 2011

Flowers (I have a new addiction)

Here are some pictures of my latest addiction!
My neighbor introduced me to these amazingly easy flowers.
I have been making them for a couple of weeks but don't seem to get a lot of free time with two young kids. All it takes is a little time and sometimes a lot of patience to make them.

All you need is some thread, a needle, tweezers and a candle to make them and some material. CAUTION does tend to burn your thumb and finger sometimes, but with such an addiction i never notice! Hopefully i can get sometime to post pics of how to do them.

I had some different colors and styles made but i gave them to a friend of mine. She was diagnosed a year ago with breast cancer at the age of 35. She has three kids all under the age of 4. She had a mastectomy and underwent chemotherapy and radiation last summer and finished up two weeks before Christmas. She is going into the !hospital this Friday for reconstruction surgery and will be there for a week so she said she wanted to work on scrapbooking stuff and i thought she could use some.

Best of all my husband is finally back from his six week training in Germany, and my kids are so happy to have daddy home:0)

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  1. I love every one but the ivory one is my favourite!!!

    Great work and I loved to hear about how you gave some to are such a true friend!


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