Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Layout with photo.

Wow!  I guess when the husband goes away on business, and the kids are finally sleeping, i finally have time to get things done.  I honestly thought it would be a while before my husband would be traveling for work as he just got home three weeks ago from being in Germany for six weeks.  My daughter says to me "mommy is daddy going to come home tonight or will he be gone long time again?"  I said "sweetie this time it will only be for a couple of days."  Poor girl i have no idea of what the kids are thinking when daddy goes away now.  But lucky for us he calls every night before they go to bed.

So that being said i had time tonight to put pictures in my layout, create layouts and get all the pictures taken.  Oh and even bake peanut butter cookies for the kids to enjoy tomorrow!  (What a mom)  This is the photo for the layout using my majestic meadow counterfiet kit.

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