Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Into the woods counterfiet kit

Well after a lot of struggling and decision making i finally got my entire kit finished and the four add-on as well.  Yeah for me!  Only one kit i was not too sure about but it will work.  Who would think with a two year old who is experiencing the terrible part of terrible two's, and a four year old with a attitude the size of dumbo, would allow me the time to get this done?!!!
So here are the details of the kits:

Crafty Creatures
 My inspiration for this kit came from a camping theme.
The papers are earth tone colors and the crittter paper matches "creatures" of the forest.
I then added some buttons to match, die cut creatures, some camping/woods tags and a felt printed tag holder with a die cut mushroom.
The alphabet set is felt with stitching and matching colors to the color paper selection.  I also chose a green chipboard color alphabet set to coordinate with the woodsy theme.
I also added some buttons and some scallop sticker tags for embellishments.
Ultimately, my favorite kit!
Kit One add-on
Beachy Bliss
This kit was created with the inspiration of the water and kids playing or picnicing.
The papers i chose were swirls to resemble the water and browns and blues to accent.
I used a blue felt alphabet stitched set.  My ribbon is a darker royal blue but says splish splash, great for my theme, and a blue white rope like twine ribbon.  I added aqua and gold/yellow bling and vintage papers of kids on the beach or playing.  I used Maya road envelops, very cute and brown to match.Stella rose collection of brads and pebbles to dress everything up, absolutely love it.  And finally, i added three old fashioned papers of tickets,utensils and cooking.  Can't wait to dream something up with this kit.

Kit two add-on
Beautiful Breeze
This is a kit that i put together with inspiration of the dreamy hills and knolls.
I chose papers of pastels.  The scalloped alpha bet reminded me of kids playing outside or at a park playing hopscotch.  The flowers i thought would tie together the yellow in the paper i chose and the color of sun.
I added blue flower ribbon and some lacey ribbon, a stamp set with swirls and butterflies, a blue tag, green tag and brown tag.  My alphabet set enhance the paper color choices.I also added yellow pearlized pebble bling, some journalling tags and colorful butterfly stickers.

Kit three add-on
Sunshine on a rainy day
I thought this was fitting for into the woods theme.  How many times have you gone camping and it has rained?!! This kit was inspired by the boots stamp set.  I loved in and thoughi can make a bright and cheery kit based on rain and sun.  The color choices of paper were to symbolize the sun and bright vibrant days.  The clouds were for those "rainy days."
My embellishments are lots of varieties of flowers, because after all when it rains and the sun appears, the flowers always look so vibrant and alive.I have added some rickrack ribbon and tags of lunch dates.  The alphabet set ties in beautifully to the colors and most of all,  I love the crocheted flowers!

Kit four add-on
Majestic Meadow
I tried to think what else i could use for my kit of into the woods and all i could come up with was what do you see when out hiking?  "Majestic meadows" full of life.  Many creatures live in the meadows and therefore my glittered, bright paper of butterflies worked brilliantly in this kit. I chose paper that matched the butterfly paper.  I added beautiful stella rose flowered rhinestone pebbles.  They just look so beautiful.  I added a pink ribbon border and girlie tags.  I added flowers and some green leafs and blue and purple rhinestones and the new bo bunny butterfly collection of stickers.   The pink and white flower buttons and the journaling tags make great accents.  Many wonderful ideas come to mind for this kit.

I am so excited to be finished and to start working on my glorious amounts of creative  ideas!
So tell me what you all think.


  1. Really like your kit and add ons. Can't wait to see your layouts.

  2. Wow, what great kits, so many fun things to work with. The little creature die cuts in your main kit are too cute. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  3. Wow! You have a lot of awesome stuff to work with! I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  4. Love your kits! They are so bright and cheery I just know you;ll make some beautiful layouts!

  5. Great the way you named them...Great idea!
    Just waiting for the layout posts now!

  6. Oh how I love your kits. The colors and papers are awesome.

  7. Wow, love all of your scrappy goodies, and the names of your kits are really cute!

  8. You are very ambitious! Great job on these kits.

  9. My, oh my, oh my - what a lovely big kit you have assembled. Can't wait to see all the projects you complete.

  10. Good for you for making all of the kits! They look great!


  11. WOW - you have done some serious counterfeiting here - love the bright touches you've added!


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