Monday, January 24, 2011

It's been a long week

Well not only has it been a long week, i see it has been almost a year since i have posted on here. Can't really blame it on much of anything, guess i just got too caught up in everyday life.
My husband left for Germany January 14, and boy does it feel like a life time ago. He is away on training in Germany for the next 6 weeks and does not return home until February 26th. My loving 2 year old son and almost 4 year old daughter have made it feel like a lifetime that he had been gone. I think they have collaborated together on seeing who can aggravate mommy more and they both are winning at that.
That being said i have some spare time in the evenings which has allowed me to catch up on scrapbooking and somewhat reorganizing my scrap room. I am planning on painting it and putting in a new counter top and doing reorganizing throughout the room. Yippppeeee!
I started decorating for parties last summer and would love to do it as a business. I find it a way to combine my love of throwing a party and my creative sense to come up with something different and unique.I did a tinkerbell tea party for my daughter. I made tulle skirts and all the decorations and they even had "pixie dust" (cake sprinkles) for designing their own cupcakes. The other party was a princess party for a friends daughter birthday. Most decorations were done by me and the cakes were done by my friend and they turned out fabulous. So have a look through some of my photos and leave me a comment on what you think.
Hopefully tomorrow will bring a better day!


  1. Thanks for visiting and becoming a new follower! Look forward to seeing more of your parties :)

  2. Happy Valentine's Day! Just a quick note to say thank you for stopping by my blog this weekend and for the kind comment! I'm your newest follower. Anita

  3. So sorry about your feelings.... but I come here to bring you a great new girl... You Won a file on my blog about Sweet Blog Hop Valentine!! YAHOOOO !!

    I'm ready to send you your prize !!! pls e-m me:

    Have a great Saturday !
    Maria Elena;-)


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