Thursday, May 5, 2011


On Tuesday night i went to my neighbors scrappymo!, to scrapbook.  We try to get together at least one night a week to scrapbook.  I had really nothing to work on that i had prepared, so i decided to make some flowers.
I was thinking of making them to attach to my daughters hair bands or elastics or to even make barrets but i might end up keeping them for scrapbooking.
So all i did was cut circles out of material and then burned the edges.  I then sewed a circle around the middle of the circle and pulled it tight to form the flower.  Then did this with a layer of tulle and another layer of material, and voila flowers.  Hope you enjoy!


  1. LOVE these!!!! I'm always looking for new flowers for my girls headbands or for my cards. These are so fun!

  2. Super cute flowers, love the tulle!

  3. Hi neighbour! Always fun to craft with you...
    Your flowers turned out great! They look super.


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