Saturday, June 30, 2012

Still hanging in there

Well decided to see if this diet is working and yes so far since Sunday i have lost 4 pounds.  Yeah for me!  I find it hard at night to not want to eat sweets or chips but i'm doing well so far.
For lunch i made a flat shell pizza.
Flat stone cooked shell
1/4 cup greek feta
1/4 cup cherry tomatoes
2 springs fresh garlic stems
1/4 cup green onions
1/4 cup mozzerella
Broiled at 450 for about 5 minutes

And dinner was a yummy salad.  I was wanting a mango on it but unfortunately it just did not seem ripe enough so had to use pineapple instead.
Leaf lettuce, spinach and basil
1/4 cup of fresh cherry tomatoes
1/4 cup fresh pineapple
2 spirgs of fresh garlic stems
1/4 cup dried cranberries
1/8 cup dried blueberries
1 tbsp of grated parmesean
2 tbsp maple balsamic dressing

 I have made a few cards and here is one.  I choose to do a couple of masculine cards as i never make enough.
I like black for man cards and decided to keep it simple.I used a 6x6 page from a DCWV demask pad.  I cut out the scallop on my wishblade and hand cut the banner.  The bicycle image was a rub on in a pack from Micheal's.
Thanks for having a peek and enjoy the weekend!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Fluffy flowers

Who would think that something so small and easy would  become so addicting?!  Well that is exactly what these hair, shoe or anything accessories have become!

 The flowers are fairly cheap and the glitter tulle is a great pick me up.  Wish i could think of more things to use this tulle for as i am so in love with it. The boa feathers are an added bonus but let me tell you, a super big mess to work with.
I now have made 30 of them but only five of them are for my daughter.  I find the only time that i can make these, is when it is  nice outside.  Otherwise all the feathers and glitter would be all over, not my idea of fun.  Generally the wind picks up everything and blows everything away.
As for the diet i am still doing good.  Another salad for dinner.
Romaine, basil and spinach
1/2 cup shredded cheddar
1/4 cup sliced almonds
1/4 cup of fresh cherries
1/4 cup fresh pineapple
1/2 cup steak
2 tbsp olive oil and vinegar

I spent all day yesterday at the park/splash pad so no temptations.  It was hard when i was scooping ice cream cones for them, but i didn't give in.
Have a fantastic Friday!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

CARS banner and diet

All my nephew's are having CARS parties this year for their birthdays.  Guess my little boy is the odd one out, as he wants a dinosaur party. My sister lives in Ontario and for me it is just too expensive to be able to fly back home for their party.  My sister is doing a combined party this year as her little boys turn 1 and 3.
My sister in law here is having a CARS party in a month.  I made this hoping one of them wants to use it.  My son loves CARS but apparently every little boy goes trough a stage where all they love is trucks or dinosaurs so i guess that is what we go with. Who knows maybe he will want a cars party next year!

As for me, i have decided to start a diet. Maybe not diet but better eating.  I am trying to cut out starch, breads and carbohydrates.  I can not totally cut out dairy or protein. Breakfast is fruit and 1 cup of coffee.  Lunch is protein and veggies and some more fruit. And for dinner i am trying to eat a salad ever night so far two out of three nights have been successful. So hopefully i can share with you the salad i have made.
Here was Monday night and the salad i had tonight.
 Spinach, basil and radicchio lettuce.
1/2 cup of fresh cut strawberries
1/4 cup peppers
1/4 cup cherry tomatoes
1/4 cup fresh mangoes
2 tbsp toasted pumpkin seed
1/2 cup of breaded chicken breast cut up
11/2 tsp olive oil and vinegar

Spinach, romaine and basil
1 whole avocado
1/2 cup fresh strawberries
1/2 cup fresh pineapple
2 tbsp of toasted pumpkin seeds
1/4 greek feta cheese
11/2 tsp olive oil and vinegar

If you have any interesting, filling, healthy salads feel free to share with me.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WOYWW #160

Welcome again to Whats on your workspace Wednesday.  Julia at the stamping ground is our wonderful host at having a look at desks from around the world.  Join along if you would like and browse some very interesting work space's.
I finally found a little bit of time to get the scrap room cleaned but left everything in a mess to take the kids to a play center for my daughter's year end dance party.
As you can see in the photo i had a highland dance album and card.  Those were to give to her teacher and a gift card.  I enjoyed making the album but really hard to find anything card or scrapbook related in highland dance.  My friend ended up purchasing the girl stamp which came in handy.  I am pretty sure my daughter had a great year but just not ready yet for competitions:(

 This is the card i made for her teach and must say i love the stamp it is so cute.

 Here is the album and the inside decorations on each page.

 I have not had much time to get anything else done as the kids have had me very busy.
Anyways i'm off to read lots more blogs and see everyone's wonderful spaces.  Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ballerina Party

Since i absolutely love decorating for parties i can hardly wait for my children's birthday's to come along each year.  For my daughters birthday she wanted a ballerina party so i thought, wonderful.  I wanted everything to be pink which is her favorite color.  I usually hold the eating and food gatherings in the dinning room so that was the area to have the most decorating.  If she had it her way she would have every room in the house decorated!
I started about a week ahead and did the high up stuff first.  For the streamers on the ceiling, i cut pink table cloths into threes and then hung them diagonally from the light.  Around the light i used lanterns and tulle to make it look like a skirt, with hanging ballerinas.  The table was decorated with a pink table cloth.  Each sitting area had a flowered napkin unfolded and then placed a pink square paper plate on it, matching utensils and a cute cup with pink stripped straws.  I cut plastic table cloths into fours, folded them in half and stitched them up to make chair covers.  I attached a flower and tulle to each.
 Along the back wall i made the banner with doilies and letters and strung it on a pink garland.  I made each girl their own tutu and a feather boa along with a wand.  Each was hung using decorative clothes pins from Micheal's.  Along the window i used plastic table cloths to make pink curtains and in the corner i placed a doll in a tutu.
Finally i decorated the family room as she wanted all the girls to put on a ballet performance to black swan.
I wrapped the candles in paper streamers and placed some tulle under the candles on top of the candle stick. The paper with the ballerinas spelled out Sophia and i made them from tissue paper folded into an accordian and then wrapped into a circle.  I cut out ballerinas on my wishblade and put rhinestone letters in the middle of each one.  I hung streamer along the ceiling and then made circle banners i hung downward from the lights.
The ballerina figurine was made out of fondant and placed on her cake and she had ballerina cupcakes for her party.

She had the most AMAZING birthday party ever! And next year she want a flower butterfly party in aqua and purple! If you have any great ideas i would love to hear them. I'm now starting to get things together for my sons fourth birthday.  He wants a dinosaur party.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Sorry i have not posted in a couple of days.  It has been a busy few days and when my husband came home he decided to go camping.  Think it is the quickest i have ever packed up!  Other than the rain the weekend was pretty good even managed to have a red glow as well as the kids after swimming for the afternoon.
A group called KC critters brought a bunch of wildlife to the resort and that was a lot of fun for the kids.  But i am also happy to be back home.
Here is a card i created if someone wants to help me i am looking for a list that i can find for submitting my card into challenges.

I crated these as masculine cards.  I used a paper line that had all these fun cut outs on so i thought i could create a farm board look to them.   Thanks for having a look.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Wow don't know the last time i posted on WOYWW, but happy to be back.  Feel free to join along with Julia and the rest of us as we showcase our workplace.
Mine is a piled up mess:(

I have just been so busy and tired, as hubby is away, that i never find the time to go downstairs and clean up.  As a matter of fact everything from my card class is still spread out on the dinning room table and all my stuff i took to the all day crop on Saturday is sitting in my kitchen.  But i am planning on using it tonight.
Today after my doctor appointment i made a visit to Michael's and you can see what i purchased.  I forgot to include all the beautiful colored flowers i bought for hair accessories.  But love my teal colored butterfly drawer pulls!
Anyways, enjoy looking at all the wonderful spaces.  Have a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cards, cards and more cards!

Last night i hosted my card class and i ended up with three people out of the eight that RSVP yes:(
Oh well i still had fun end even got all the cards made!   Yeah for me!!  Surprising for me because with daddy away the kids have  just been time bombs!  Hopefully today will be a better day.
Off to the doctors to have a painful lump looked at on my knuckle. Glad it is not my right hand or i would be out of crafting.
With hubby away i have had a bit of time to do some crafting and trying to get the disney album done.  I was able to get 18 layouts done at the all day crop so i was happy.  On Sunday evening i spent four hours working on my wish blade to cut out titles for some of the pages which hopefully i can share with you tomorrow.
So her is a look at a birthday invite i made.

And here is a picture of my little dancer!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Proud mommy, and a card class

My little princess graduated yesterday and wow what a special moment for mommy!  She sure seemed very proud of herself.  Tonight she is dancing with her highland dance class at a county fair and should be lots of fun.

My husband has left this morning and gone to Ontario for a week so it is the beginning of a long week ahead.  Tomorrow i am off to an all day crop.  The in laws are taking care of the kids and i am having some much need time crafting.  So can't wait to get some scrap booking done.  I am hosting a card class on Monday night and have been trying to get the cards done but it has become a very slow process.  Hopefully i will have it all done in time.
So here are the cards we will be making

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wow im back!

Wow, it has been a busy three months and i don't know where the time has gone.
I have been busy with the kids and trying to clean up a flooded scrapbook room.
Hard to believe that tomorrow, my little princess is graduating from preschool.  She is growing up so quickly and in September she will be off to all day Kindergarten.
We took our first ever family vacation in late April to Disneyland and had a fabulous time.  The most enjoyment was watching the expressions on our children's faces every time someone walked by or they tried a new ride.  Would definitely do it again!
As for crafting i have not had a lot of time to do much.  The night before we left for Disneyland my scrapbook room flooded and wow was i ever mad:(  Lets just say that i finally put things back two weeks ago.
In the mean time i worked on creating some hair flowers.  My daughter just loves wearing them when i do her hair and i think they are cute for little girls of all ages.  I have decided to try selling them so let me know what you think.  Would you buy one?!

The glittery small ones are intended for hair barrettes and scrapbooking.  The red and black ones are for my minnie mouse pages and the purple and green are for tinkerbell pages.  They are so pretty with the glitter all over them!