Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hosting a card class

As most of you know, my close friend Simone is recovering from Breast
cancer.  She was diagnosed last January and went through a mastectomy
while seven months pregnant.  She had a c-section one month early and
was given three weeks to recover.  She then started eight rounds of
chemo and had a three week break and started five weeks of radiation,
finishing two weeks before Christmas.  She had reconstruction surgery
in January of this year which she is still recovering from.  Now
through all of this she has somehow managed to motivate herself to
walk for the cure in August. WOW!!!
Unable to do this with her i decided i was going to help her try to
raise some money for her walk.  I am hosting a card class featuring
cards for boys and girls and men.  I will be donating all of the
proceeds to Simone to help with her donations.  Im doing this as a card class at my house as well as a to go kit.  Everyone always asks me to do men cards and kids cards so this is what i came up with.  If anyone is interested in purchasing the to go kits let me know.

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  1. Wow, your friend sounds amazing, and very inspirational, it must be so hard for her to keep the motivation up. Well done for supporting her through it all. Love the card with the shirt on! x


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