Friday, January 8, 2010

procrastination to organization, needing HELP!

Well, hopefully this is the start of me getting my blog going. Not sure how i am going to find the time to get this going but if i make an effort each day i hope that people will visit it and leave me comments and enjoy everything i have to offer.
My goal for this year is to finish both my kids scrap books before they become ywt another year older!. Procrastination or should i say to many little things on the go all at the same time. If find that i allow myself to start new projects before i finish old ones. Someday i will learn and hope that i finish all my ongoing projects before Christmas 2010!
I did however see a very interesting magnetic calendar made of scrapbook material that i think could become very useful in helping me stay more organized. And not too mention trying to get time to clean and organize my scraproom. Two kids one who is just over 1 and the other almost three, sure keep me busy when i am home and i also work 3 days a week but most of that is to keep me sane.
Enough for now. Soon i will post new posts of how people can help me get my scrapbook room organized, and keep it organized. Looking forward to hearing from anyone with wonderful ideas

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